What To Expect When Expecting A Zombie: Zombie Bacteria

Zombie Bacteria?!?!?!

When To Science

Previously, we looked at the zombie fungus that plagued carpenter ants and turned them against their colonies in the rainforest. Now, we will look at bacteria and the object of their zombification and destruction: silver. Throughout our history of fairy tales and legends, silver has been the downfall of many mythical creatures from werewolves to monsters that hide in the shadows. For thousands of years, silver has been used in medicine and as an antibacterial agent [1]. Nowadays, hospitals use silver to help patients recover and prevent infection. They use silver-based bandages, catheters, and other items in order to prevent bacterial growth [1]. Even consumers can get silver-based doorknobs, washing machines, and other silver products for their homes to prevent and slow down the growth and spread of bacteria all while also keeping werewolves out of your home [1].

Silver ions work their magic by tearing…

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