The Dungwich Horror: A Lovecraptian Tale

Aphotic Realm published my most recent horror short story on their website for you to read for free!

As the title infers, it’s equal parts Lovecraft and…something else. Hope you enjoy (but not too much)!

Below is a teaser with a link to the full story.

The Dungwich Horror
by Josh Schlossberg

My head throbbing from last night’s drinking binge, I sat on the john for my late morning elimination. Usually regular enough to set a clock by, I waited for the train to leave the depot as the leaking sink dripped away the seconds. After several uneventful minutes, I decided to get up and try again later.

Sure enough, while vacuuming the living room of my modest bungalow, a rumble as of distant thunder from my bowels. I hurried back to the bathroom, the tiles cold on my bare soles, yet despite the urge to go was baffled when nothing happened. The distressing pattern of emergency then false alarm repeated itself several times over the next hour until I was forced to face the terrible truth.

I, Colin Escher, was constipated.