Author Josh Schlossberg surveys the dark landscape of biological horror fiction.
(Presented by Denver Horror Collective)

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Episode #17: Full as a Tick (with Jennifer Trudrung)

Episode #16: Fungus Among Us (with Cory Swanson)

Episode #15: The Demon Alcohol (with E.C. Hanson)

Episode #14: The Wonders of Pregnancy (with JoAnn Chaney)

Episode #13: Pandemonic (with Josh Schlossberg)

Episode #12: The Corruption of Nature (with Michael Picco)

Episode #11: The Answer is Cancer (with Hollie & Henry Snider)

Episode #10: Thrown to the Werewolves (with Joy Yehle)

Episode #9: Snakes on a Brain (with Bobby Crew)

Episode #8: Infection & Transformation (with Thomas C Mavroudis)

Episode #7: Rushed to the Hospital (with Dawn Shea)

Episode #6: The Forest Primeval (with Matthew Lyons)

Episode #5: The Autism Spectrum (with Gary Robbe)

Episode #4: The Female Body (with Brenda Tolian)

Episode #3: Insect Insights (with Lindsay King-Miller)

Episode #2: The Horrors of Aging (with Steve Rasnic Tem)

Episode #1: What in Hell is Biological Horror?