My Story Won An Award…Sort Of

Hubbard AwardMy short story, “The Cat’s Meow,” received a Silver Honorable Mention from the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest!

What does this mean? Not much, really—simply that my story beat out a few thousand other entries to be selected for a category slightly above the ordinary, non-metallic Honorable Mentions, but far, far below the actual winners, finalists, and semi-finalists.

(What’s more important is that “The Cat’s Meow” will be published in Disturbed Digest by Alban Lake Publishing in June 2018.)

One thing that’s been keeping me up at night: If I’m a writer of the future, does that mean I’m not a writer of the present?

Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell: Vol 2 Available Now!

demons devils denizens 2Read my borderline-blasphemous short story “There Shall Be No Night” in Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell: Vol 2!

The publisher, Hellbound Books, describes this 602-page behemoth as an “anthology of otherworldy delights, tales of horror, dread and hellish inhabitants.”

Support independent horror fiction (and yours darkly, Josh Schlossberg) by purchasing Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell: Vol 2 in print for $17.99 and e-book for $4.99 today.

Will You Vote For Me in the Bards and Sages Reader’s Choice Awards?

digital rendering of an airship

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