EVENT: Defy Your Demons (10/25, Denver)

527px-Dictionnaire_Infernal_-_UkobachThere are those who don’t simply hunt their demons down, but gleefully grab them by the throats, squeeze the life out of them, and dip their pens in the blood to chronicle the tale—we call them horror fiction writers.

This October, celebrate Halloween season by confronting the demon on your chest with Atlas Obscura and six horror authors. Gathered together at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, authors will unveil their psyches, recount the battles they’ve waged against their own personal demons, and share the stories these clashes inspired.

TICKETS (Drinking tickets include a selection of white and red wine.)

Award-winning author Stephen Graham Jones (Mongrels, Mapping the Interior)

Novelist, short-story writer and two-time honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Horror, DeAnna Knippling (Alice’s Adventures in Underland, A Murder of Crows)

Horror Writers Association and Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America member Chris Phillips (IGMS, Apex Magazine, Penumbra eMag, Sci Phi Journal)

Thomas C. Mavroudis, MFA (Turn to Ash, Terror in 16-Bits, Year’s Best Body Horror, Weirdbook)

Dark fantasy writer Linnea Linton (Denver Horror Writers)

Ghost story aficionado Effie Rose (Denver Horror Writers)

A Q&A panel will follow the reading wherein you’ll be granted full creative license to poke and prod our dark scribes to your heart’s content, followed by an opportunity to purchase signed copies of their works, as well as plenty of time to mingle with your fellow guests over a glass of wine.

Alcohol is available for attendees with a valid 21+ ID.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in. Follow signs downstairs to the “grotto.”
Event will run rain or shine.
This event is suitable for ages 12+.

ADA: This event is taking place in an old home that is not wheelchair accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact james.oneill@atlasobscura.com for additional accessibility information/questions.

A small lot is adjacent to the building and street parking is available. Please read signs carefully and carpool when possible.

Email James O’Neill at james.oneill@atlasobscura.com.

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Advance tickets only. All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.

“The Cat’s Meow” Published in Disturbed Digest

I’m purring with excitement to announce that my short story, “The Cat’s Meow,” is featured in the June 2018 issue of Disturbed Digest by Alban Lake Publishing.

You can purchase the print edition for $10 and the e-book for $3.99 at the Infinite Realms Bookstore.

I love both cats and dogs, but you’ve got to admit there’s something sinister about cats, what with their piercing eyes,  clutching claws, and barely-contained wildness. My mingled respect and suspicion of cats inspired this story–I promise no felines were harmed in the writing of it.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Felicia headed straight to Candice, while Bobbie scooped up one of the kittens, and Geoffroy the other.

In an act of diplomacy, Candice patted Felicia on her fuzzy head, V-shaped like a pit viper, but pushed her away when she tried to crawl on her lap.

“You know why she bugs you all the time?” Margo asked, trying to perch the kitten on her shoulder, which kept slipping.

Because she’s taunting me, Candice almost said, but shrugged instead.

“It’s that angry face you make every time she comes into the room,” said Margo.

Everyone laughed, including Lenny, who wouldn’t meet her eyes.

Margo set the kitten down on her lap and picked up Felicia, holding the fatso under her armpits.

“Watch this.” Margo narrowed her eyes and wrinkled her nose at Felicia. After a few seconds, the cat squinted back. “That’s a smile in cat language. When you scrunch up your face like that, she thinks you like her.” Margo plopped Felicia back on the floor.

“I don’t have a problem with Felicia,” said Candice, her face hot, knowing how much everyone else adored the creature. “But five cats is too many.”

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Horror Reading and Book Signing in Denver Tonight!

HWA blog_bannerI’ll be reading and selling/signing books in Denver, Colorado tonight, February 23, at 6pm-8pm at the BookBar (4280 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212) along with over a dozen horror writers!

I’ll read a selection from my short story, “Viremia,” published in Campfire Tales by Deadman’s Tome and selling copies of that book as well as Demons, Devils, and Denizens of Hell by Hellbound Books, which includes my short story “There Shall Be No Night.”

RSVP here.

Here’s the deets:

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EVIL PODCAST Narrates My Story “There Shall Be No Night”

evil podcastThe December installment of Evil Podcast, produced and narrated by Dennis Serra, includes a reading of my Stygian short story, “There Shall Be No Night,” originally published in Demons, Devils, and Denizens of Hell 2 by Hellbound Books.

The podcast also includes “The Room of the Mad Nun” by David Turton.

Listen here.

You can purchase the print or e-book version of “There Shall Be No Night” in Demons, Devils, and Denizens of Hell 2 at Hellbound Books.

BOOK REVIEW: The Die-Fi Experiment by M.R. Tapia

Clash Media published my book review of M.R. Tapia’s new horror novella, The Die-Fi Experiment.


BOOK REVIEW: The Die-Fi Experiment by M.R. Tapia

– by Josh Schlossberg, Clash Media

diefiI had trouble sleeping the night I read M.R. Tapia’s new novella, The Die-Fi Experiment.

Sure, it might’ve been the fact that I left the heat on too high. Or the woman on my mind. But I blame at least half of my sweaty tosses and turns squarely on Tapia’s locomotive-paced storytelling, the disturbing images he conjures, and the maelstrom of emotions he drags a reader through.

Let’s be clear from the get go: The Die-Fi Experiment is not for the faint of heart. Nor, just to be on the safe side, anyone with any kind of heart condition whatsoever. While the sometimes graphic depictions of physical violence aren’t gratuitous—they serve almost exclusively to hasten the plot—they are, let’s just say…intense.

The premise of The Die-Fi Experiment is that a newlywed couple honeymooning in Japan are kidnapped and forced to compete in a gory game show in front of a live audience and the eyes of thousands of social media junkies. Think American Gladiators meets Saw meets You’ve Got Mail.

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It’s Like Water

Cody Higgins submitted this intriguing and hallucinatory story to Josh’s Worst Nightmare and we’re including it in its entirety. You can check out more of his writing at Zen Mob Publishing

It’s Like Water

by Cody Higgins

zombie ant _ cyprus-1

Graphic: Cyprus-1

The forest floor felt like home beneath my steps. Seemed I was most hesitant, of all things, about taking this walk in my bare feet. Of all things.

Was an odd space to consider, given everything that led up to this point. Given everything it was supposed to mean. That felt odd, too. Feeling like it was supposed to mean anything at all. That was kind of the point, for it to stop meaning. Stop meaning anything at all. But to do it in my bare feet seemed appropriate.  The forest floor felt like home beneath my steps. Seemed I was most hesitant, of all things, about taking this walk in my bare feet. Of all things. Was an odd space to consider, given everything that led up to this point. Given everything it was supposed to mean. That felt odd, too. Feeling like it was supposed to mean anything at all. That was kind of the point, for it to stop meaning. Stop meaning anything at all. But to do it in my bare feet seemed appropriate.

Touching the soil with each step that took me closer. Not being in others’ feet. Some feet churned out from massive lines of workers who wore yet others’ feet. But, it was scary too. We become so distanced from our earth. So afraid to touch, to not be protected from it. Can be hard going back. Felt, familiar though… to go back.

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Rave Review of Demons, Devils, and Denizens of Hell

demons devils denizens 2

A great review by Isobel Blackthorne of Demons, Devils, and Denizens of Hell: Volume 2, which includes my short story, “There Shall Be No Night.”

Here’s an excerpt: “From the thoroughly revolting, edge-of-seat horror-crime story ‘Duplicate Counterpart’ by John T.M. Herres, to the mysterious and compelling, and ultimately shocking ‘There Shall Be No Night’ by Josh Schlossberg, and beyond, there is much to savour between the covers of this anthology.”

Read the full review here.

My Story Won An Award…Sort Of

Hubbard AwardMy short story, “The Cat’s Meow,” received a Silver Honorable Mention from the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest!

What does this mean? Not much, really—simply that my story beat out a few thousand other entries to be selected for a category slightly above the ordinary, non-metallic Honorable Mentions, but far, far below the actual winners, finalists, and semi-finalists.

(What’s more important is that “The Cat’s Meow” will be published in Disturbed Digest by Alban Lake Publishing in June 2018.)

One thing that’s been keeping me up at night: If I’m a writer of the future, does that mean I’m not a writer of the present?

Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell: Vol 2 Available Now!

demons devils denizens 2Read my borderline-blasphemous short story “There Shall Be No Night” in Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell: Vol 2!

The publisher, Hellbound Books, describes this 602-page behemoth as an “anthology of otherworldy delights, tales of horror, dread and hellish inhabitants.”

Support independent horror fiction (and yours darkly, Josh Schlossberg) by purchasing Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell: Vol 2 in print for $17.99 and e-book for $4.99 today.