Some Terrible News…For You

Those who know me are all too aware of my ability to not only home in on the disturbing, but to make people afraid of things they never even thought about before.

For years, the forces of light have conspired to keep my long fiction from infecting the minds of good, wholesome folk such as yourself. Sure, several of my short stories slipped through the cracks, but my most dangerous works have been suppressed. And with good reason.

Until now.

A sinister force known as D & T Publishing has conspired with me to unleash a flood of shadows this April in the form of my forthcoming novella, MALINAE:

In the quiet oceanside community of Beachcrest, Ward Ayers watches in dismay as his wife Malina slips further into dementia. As her behavior takes a turn for the disturbing, he uncovers a dark force behind her decline.

Like a predatory beast stalking the night, I can only do what I was born to do. That being said, I still have enough humanity left in me to pity my prey-to-be and warn you to get your affairs in order before it’s too late.

So, I urge you to rejoice in your few remaining months of innocence and sanity before my literary jaws close down on your silky, delicious reader’s throat. Finish the projects you’ve been putting off, tell those close to you how much you love them, and prepare for the end.

My deepest condolences,
Josh Schlossberg

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